Name Dept. Course # Section Term Instructors Notes
Graphic Design Visual Arts ART 2253
Creative Culture Care Visual Arts ART 3883
Shaw, Erin
Old Testament Survey Bible BBL 1013
New Testament Survey Bible BBL 1023
Essentials of Evangelical Theology Bible BBL 2013
Essentials of Christian Formation Bible BBL 2022
NTBS: Gospel of Luke Bible BBL 3433
Arrington, Aminta
OT Book Study: Psalms Bible BBL 3633
Blankenship, Jim
Fundamentals of Chemistry Chemistry CHM 1014
Ellenbarger, Jill
General Chemistry Chemistry CHM 1124
Ellenbarger, Jill
Advanced Analytical Chemistry Chemistry CHM 3114
Ellenbarger, Jill
Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Chemistry CHM 3183
Ellenbarger, Jill
Inorganic Chemistry Chemistry CHM 3183 FA19
Ellenbarger, Jill
Christian Leadership and Service Christian Ministries CMF 2213
Robinson, Greg
Ministry to Youth Christian Ministries CMF 3313
Graduate Counseling Dept Tests Counselor Education 8123
Practicum 1: Marriage & Family Therapy Counselor Education FAM 8773
Public Speaking Communication COM 2523
Gateway Foundations of Christian Living COR 1002
Introduction to Computing Computer Science CS 1113 Fall 2022
Gilmour, Tim
Advanced Computer Programming Computer Science CS 3743 Fall 2022
Gilmour, Tim
Intro to Education Education ED 1113
English I English EGL 1013
English II English EGL 1023
Honors English II English EGL 1093
Advanced Grammar English EGL 3363
Kirk, Patty
Intercultural Problem Solving Engineering EN 3513 Spring 2022
Kim, Michelle
Human Sexuality Family Studies FAM 3243
Ellenburg, Meaghan
Intercultural Family Seminar Family Studies FAM 4113
Ramos, Aida
Social Policy Family Studies FAM 4453
Physical Science General Science GSC 1023
Newton, Susan
Physical Science General Science GSC 1023
Ellenbarger, Jill
Integrated Humanities 1 History HST 2013
Integrated Humanities 2 History HST 2023
Integrated Humanities 2 History HST 2023
Cooke, James
Intercultural Communications Intercultural Studies ICS 2113
Arrington, Aminta
Community Development Intercultural Studies ICS 3243
Arrington, Aminta
Wellness For Life Kinesiology KIN 1002
Personal Leadership Leadership & Management LDR 2573
English as a Second Lang III Language Studies LS 1193 Spring 2023
Schwerin, Marlene
Marketing Research Marketing MKT 4113
Nursing Exam Prep Nursing NUR 4124
Odell, Ellen
MOSAIC Permanent Reserves MOSAIC Fall 2022
Song, Ted
Developmental Psychology Psychology PSY 2413
Simpson, Kevin
Social Psychology Psychology PSY 3423
Simpson, Kevin

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