Name Dept. Course # Section Term Instructors Notes
Old Testament Survey Bible 1013
New Testament Survey Bible 1023
Essentials of Evangelical Theology Bible 2013
Essentials of Christian Formation Bible 2022
OT book study Bible 3633
Blankenship, James
NT Book Study: Hebrews Bible BBL 3453
Francis, Michael
Fundamentals of Chemistry Chemistry 1014
Ellenbarger, Jill
General Chemistry Chemistry 1124
Ellenbarger, Jill
Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Chemistry 3183
Ellenbarger, Jill
Inorganic Chemistry Chemistry CHM 3183 Fall 2019
Ellenbarger, Jill
Graduate Counseling Dept Tests Counselor Education 8123
Practcm 1:Marriage & Family Thrpy Counselor Education 8773
Gateway Foundations of Christian Living 1002
Introduction to Computing Computer Science 1113
Principles of Macroeconomics Economics 2123
Waldron, Randall
Intro to Education Education 1113
C&I TESOL Education 3583
Schwerin, Marlene
English 1 English 1013
English II English 1023
Honors English English 1093 01
Young Adult Literature English 2243
Stratman, Jake
Advanced Grammar English 3363
Kirk, Patty
Marriage and Family Living Family Studies 3133
Reddick, Geoff
Physical science General Science 1023
Newton, Susan
Physical Science General Science 1023
Ellenbarger, Jill
Honors Integrated humanities History 1093
Integrated Humanities 1 History 2013
Moore, Robert
Jones, Preston
Lloyd, Scott
Integrated Humanities 2 History 2023
Intercultural Communications Intercultural Studies 2113
Arrington, Aminta
Wellness for life Kinesiology 1002
Nursing Exam Prep Nursing 4124
Odell, Ellen
Introductory Psychology Psychology 1013
Satterlee, Michelle

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